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def radicale::CalendarHTTPHandler::do_PUT (   self )
Manage PUT request.

Definition at line 194 of file __init__.py.

        """Manage PUT request."""
        item = self._calendar.get_item(xmlutils.name_from_path(self.path))
        if (not item and not self.headers.get("If-Match")) or \
                (item and self.headers.get("If-Match", item.etag) == item.etag):
            # PUT allowed in 3 cases
            # Case 1: No item and no ETag precondition: Add new item
            # Case 2: Item and ETag precondition verified: Modify item
            # Case 3: Item and no Etag precondition: Force modifying item
            ical_request = self._decode(
            xmlutils.put(self.path, ical_request, self._calendar)

            # PUT rejected in all other cases

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